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Privacy policy.


We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.


Campaign site setup, page one guarantee & refund policy.


For the construction of all new multi-format websites produced by Shield Online Marketing LTD, the initial deposit payment is £250.00p. Once we have received the initial deposit we will start & complete the full build of your new campaign website with us. You must complete the final payment of £250.00p within 14 days of the campaign site being put live on your behalf. If there are requested re-works to the initial build then those will be completed inside a strict 14 day turn around period. Please note we will only complete edits & updates to the new campaign website once you have resolved the full £500.00p initial setup fee. If you fail to resolve the final £250.00p payment within 14 days of the new website going live, then we reserve the right to remove your site files in full from our domain. You should expect to pay a re-activation fee of £250.00p to have the site files restored, plus the outstanding £250.00p you owe us for the initial deployment.


Once your new campaign website is ready for stage 2 investment, those payments will proceed like this. You will make the first £250.00p payment, after a 4-6 week gap period, you must complete the final £250.00p payment. After you have completed the complete setup fees for your new target website, you are guaranteed your agreed core search results to page one. If you have completed the full £1000.00p setup investment & we as a company for any reason fail to deliver the previously agreed search phrases to page one within the previously agreed time scales, then you are entitled to a FULL REFUND of the full amount of £1000.00p, if you fail to complete the full investment of £1000.00p during the campaigns critical setup stages, then you are strictly NOT entitled to a refund of any amount you may have invested since the campaigns outset.


Pay monthly rates ongoing & potential pay monthly payment reviews.


Subscribers are required to make 4 separate payments of £250.00p per payment to guarantee the campaign site is deployed & ranked to page one of the search results. Once we have delivered the previously agreed core search results as seen in the campaign domain name to page one of the search results, you MUST make a mandatory monthly payment of £250.00p per month ongoing each calendar month. The mandatory ongoing pay monthly payment of £250.00p per month must be paid either via an automated standing order or from a business debit card each calendar month of the trading year. If you cancel your mandatory monthly payment of £250.00p per month, then you should expect that we will remove your business details from our campaign domain & we will actively start to seek a new search partner to work with. We reserve the right as the sole owners & legal registrars of the campaign domain/domains to review your overall campaign page one search results. If we feel it is appropriate & fair, we reserve the right to ask you for a mandatory percentage increase to your monthly payment amount of £250.00p per month. If we make this mandatory request & you as the subscriber refuse to pay the higher monthly rate we have requested, we strictly reserve the right to cancel our association, remove your details from our campaign domain & start actively seeking a new search partner.


Important note from the director:


The campaign site we build for you, is NOT supposed to be your main business website, although it can be.


We build target sites, fit for purpose, so we can dominate certain high value search niches on Google for our clients month to month.


If you look at some of our client examples, you can clearly see how well we do this, using tried & tested methods, that work every-time.


It is not uncommon for our clients to have multiple, active campaign sites live each trading month with us.


You will not own the target website or the overall Google exposure, you will lease it for £250 per month on a non-contractual basis.


You will never have ownership rights over your campaign domain, all domains registered by Shield Online Marketing LTD are the legal property of Shield Online Marketing LTD, under no circumstances will domain ownership be transferred to you, the subscriber.


If you cease to pay your voluntary monthly subscription, we will cancel all the domains & delete any & all page one exposure from the Google search engine, even in this event domain ownership will not be transferred by Shield Online Marketing LTD to either you the subscriber or any associated third-party companies.


If you cancel your monthly payment to us, we will in-turn cancel your exposure with us to date at that time.


You either choose to remain with us from your own free-will or you can cancel your subscription at anytime, with no notice period required.


For queries relating to the terms and conditions of Shield Online Marketing LTD please send any correspondence to our registered trading address.


23 Hawkshead Place

Newton Aycliffe

County Durham



You can email us via the contact boxes on this website.


Shield Online Marketing LTD is a registered limited company, our company number is: 07939439.



SEO Service


Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in the search engines via the organic or unpaid search results. We will Assign you an online marketing consultant to tailor a package for you that will best suit the needs and strategies of your business, our consultant will deal directly with you for all your enquiries.

Website Design


Regardless of what type of business you are, you will benefit by having a smart professional website that can be found by internet users. Your website needs to be easy to navigate, be mobile friendly and provide all the relevant information about your company.

Pay Per Click


Pay per click adverts are a great way of making sure your phone number and website are on the first page when some-one searches for the terms that are valuable to your business. We will assign an online marketing consultant to help you work out your budgets and an effective strategy, providing we feel this type of internet advertising is going to be cost effective for your business. 

Social Media Marketing


Many people now all over the world use sites like Twitter and Face Book to keep in touch with their friends and family. Offering your customers the opportunity to follow your business on these sites is a great way of keeping in touch with and expanding your customer base. We will assign an online marketing consultant to help you formulate an effective strategy for harnessing the power of social media marketing. 

100% Guaranteed Results

Shield is a registered Ltd Company. Company No: 07939439

Terms and Conditions