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John Perez.
Owner of Majestic Services based in Norwich.
Main keyword search is boiler repairs Norwich.
Contact phone number - 07948 557 560


I was contacted by Lewy back in November 2012 with a proposition to improve my key-word search ranking. I had already wasted a lot of money with other SEO projects including Yell, Thomson, Qype now they call themselves Yelp ( Beware!! ) I tried leafleting, news-paper adds, local news agents, estate agents and others I care not to mention as this tends to make my blood boil. Lewy made me a proposition that included making a new web site and targeting a local area with a series of key words. Naturally I was very sceptical, but he offered something different, something I had not heard before and he sounded like he knew what he was talking about. You are probably thinking how did I know this? Well remember I had wasted a lot of money up to this point so I had now gotten a little wiser and did a little research. So, I decided to give it one last go with Lewy and so very happy I did as I now have multiple key words at the top of the first page. I am very happy to provide Lewy with a positive testimonial. He has achieved more for me than I had hoped for with my investment. I cannot stress enough if you are approached by Lewy you are very lucky to have him, listen to his advice and you will see very positive out comes from it. Remember building a website and paying for maintenance alone will not achieve your goal. You need to invest in marketing your key words and this is not free. In short if you want to hear your phone ring go with Lewy. Lewy is the best, most practical, no nonsense SEO I have ever used by far. I will certainly be investing for many more years. Many thanks, John Perez. (Director) Majestic Services.

Jim Hole.
Owner of Heath Landscapes based in Hertfordshire.
Main keyword search is landscape gardeners Hertfordshire.
Contact phone numbers - 07974 793 949 or 01992 415 484


I started using Lewy from Shield Online Marketing LTD to promote my company about 5 years ago. I am always suspicious of online advertising firms (especially ones represented by chirpy Northerners) but this was a recommendation from a good friend so I gave it a try. All I can say is that Lewy delivered everything he promised for the price quoted and was cheaper than most others I have used. I was first page on Google for my agreed searches well before the proposed deadline and have been there ever since. I am also gradually getting up many other keyword searches off the back of this. I can always get through on the phone for help and advice and have always felt I can trust the advice given. I do check where my enquiries come from and this service blitzes anything else I have tried. I used to work with several SEO companies now I just save my money and invest in Lewy.

Chris Barrow.
Owner of Chris Barrow Plumbing & Heating based in Weymouth.
Main keyword search is plumbers Weymouth.
Contact phone numbers - 07921 022 971 or 01305 766 506


I would like to say a massive Thank you to Lewy and the team at Shield Online Marketing LTD. I have always been dubious about the SEO world but when I got a call from Lewy I decided to give it a go and I'm glad I did. In a few months and with a relatively low investment I was 2nd on page one of google for my keywords. I now get plenty of inquiries and lots more work. I have to say this is the best bang for your buck advertising that you can possibly do and Lewy delivers it perfectly and affordably.


Ian Clarke.
Owner of Green As Grass based in Swindon.
Main keyword search is artificial grass Swindon.
Contact phone numbers - 07931 256 474 or 01793 526 934


I've been with Shield Online Marketing LTD now for approximately 5 years. In a short phrase, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Lewy is only a phone call away if I have any concerns. I only have a basic package because I run a building company as well. The business I have with Lewy is landscape gardeners/artificial grass installation, and to be perfectly honest I am inundated with work coming from my web site. I do not like turning work away but unfortunately there is only so much I can do. I think that just about covers my opinion. I would highly recommend Shield to anybody wishing to start a business from scratch as I did.

Hughie Ferns.
Owner of All Surrey Drains based in Guildford.
Main keyword search is blocked drains Guildford.
Contact phone numbers - 01483 416 046 or 07930 924 161


I was called up one day by Lewy out of the blue! At first it sounded like the usual old sales pitch which I have heard over and over, however I took time to listen to Lewy and give him a shot based on what he was claiming! Let me say it was a very short time before I was ranking page one organically, and still am for many phrases, Lewy has without a doubt given the best service that I have ever put money into and got results, I look forward to growing with the help of Lewy in the future. What Lewy can do, others can only waffle on about.

Dean Stanton.
Owner of Heatworks LTD based in Southampton.
Main keyword search is boiler repairs Southampton.
Contact phone numbers are - 023 8044 5123 or 07887 941 981


I was contacted by Lewy regarding search engine optimisation and a purpose design website to capture customer phone traffic. I get a lot of this type of call and I am a naturally sceptic person and would normally give this type of call short sharp thrift! However, I was just about to press the button on a considerable heavy weight advertising campaign with a well-known advertising company that had not really performed on the previous year, so I gave Lewy an ear because he had rung just before my commitment. I can say now that it has been the best thing I have ever done regarding the work generated and at a very reasonable capital outlay. I look forward to growing my business with Lewy over many coming years.

Nick Christie.
Owner of NDC Developments LTD based in Newcastle.
Main keyword search is suspended ceilings Newcastle.
Contact phone numbers are - 0191 461 1116 or 07983 449 453


Hi my name is Nick Christie and I am a partner in NDC Developments LTD, I was recommended to Lewy by a friend of mine who had done some work with him in the past on his website. Lewy and I went online to discuss what my target area was and what key phrases were going to be targeted for our first outing together and we settled on suspended ceilings Newcastle and office partitions Newcastle. My website hit the first page of Google within 3 months of going live in a very strong position. All the objectives Lewy set were always met in an efficient and timely manner and we are over the moon with our website and our results on Google.


Peter Mason.
Owner of Peter Mason Plumbing & Heating based in Aylesbury.
Main keyword search is boiler repairs Aylesbury.
Contact phone numbers are - 07540 409 842 or 0800 433 2252


I am the owner of Peter Mason Plumbing & Heating based in Aylesbury. I was advertising with lots of different companies and spending a lot of money for very little return, Lewy assured me that the only place I really needed to be found was on the first page of Google. Since there were no contracts to be signed and everything was going to be done on a pay on results basis I decided to give Lewy a go. My results have been amazing I have confirmed countless jobs from my website already. I have cancelled all my other advertising and I am saving a fortune, this is all due to being a client of Shield Online Marketing and I can honestly say that all other online marketing companies have been really poor by comparison.

Philip Judge.
Owner of PJ Plasterers based in Darlington.
Main keyword search is plasterers Darlington.
Contact phone numbers are - 07976 895 749 or 01325 319 616


Hi, my name is Philip Judge and I am a client of Shield Online. I was contacted by Lewy the director of Shield Online a while ago now regarding doing some advertising on the internet with a website. I was of course aware that the internet was something I needed to address but I did not and in fact still do not understand how it all works so I had never gone for a website. Lewy made an appointment to sit down with me online at my computer so we could discuss getting me a website put together. The thing that really impressed me was Lewy's approach he asked me all about my business where I was targeting, what was my ideal customer etc... he gave me the impression that he was genuinely interested in my business and really wanted me to achieve a good position on the first page of Google for Plasterers Darlington. I had been warned by Lewy that my website would not hit the first page over-night and that it would take some time for his work to come good, and sure enough it did I am on the first page of Google now for plasterers Darlington, plastering Darlington and plasterer Darlington. As a result I have doubled my turnover and will be a lifelong client. Lewy never asked me to sign a contract of any kind and made it clear to me at the outset that if I was unhappy and wanted opt out at any stage all I needed to do was let him know and that would be an end of the matter. His service was advertised as pay on results & that’s exactly what I did, paid for results that work for my business.

Jon Hale.
Owner of Paintworks based in Cambridge.
Main keyword search is painters & decorators Cambridge.
Contact phone numbers are - 07960 769 175 or 01223 502 950


I have been with Shield Online for some two coming on three years. They promised to get me on page 1 Google site for painters and decorators Cambridge, and they kept to their word. I have had work offers from the site for the nearly three years and Shield Online have kept me updated on a regular basis. Having set me up with a review site for Google, I now have. 18 reviews for work carried out for those customers. Many come back for more work to be done at a later date. I have been very pleased with Shield Online and would recommend them to everyone requiring an Internet site which will give you the results for gaining more clients. Jon hale (Paintworks)


SEO Service


Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in the search engines via the organic or unpaid search results. We will Assign you an online marketing consultant to tailor a package for you that will best suit the needs and strategies of your business, our consultant will deal directly with you for all your enquiries.

Website Design


Regardless of what type of business you are, you will benefit by having a smart professional website that can be found by internet users. Your website needs to be easy to navigate, be mobile friendly and provide all the relevant information about your company.

Pay Per Click


Pay per click adverts are a great way of making sure your phone number and website are on the first page when some-one searches for the terms that are valuable to your business. We will assign an online marketing consultant to help you work out your budgets and an effective strategy, providing we feel this type of internet advertising is going to be cost effective for your business. 

Social Media Marketing


Many people now all over the world use sites like Twitter and Face Book to keep in touch with their friends and family. Offering your customers the opportunity to follow your business on these sites is a great way of keeping in touch with and expanding your customer base. We will assign an online marketing consultant to help you formulate an effective strategy for harnessing the power of social media marketing. 

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